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About Us.

Due to COVID-19 the education system showed the existing problem of educational discrimination and the weaknesses in digital infrastrucure in school educatio making more evident the digital divide among the poorest students+ lack of teaher-specific digital competence frameworks. The project aims to support teachers, school leaders and others in the reaching fields to developt more creative and digital skills by using new creative tools such as web radio. The project activities are about social inclusion that focuses on religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, race and ethnic origins as the main reasons of discrimination. The project wants schools to become effective agents of inclusion, offering “an alternative frame that has been used to help school staff to step out of the cycle ofexclusion and act more effectively to foster inclusion” .Teachers have the task to build trust with their students and also to help build trust among the students in the classroom. The project wants to improve skills of teachers in the field of inclusion through an innovative methodology, based on the history of music + arts, highlighting integration and success stories of famous (and local) artists from disadvantaged groups. Schools participating in the project will be equipped with web radio + training in radio broadcasting to reinforce creative activities and promote social inclusion of students through creativity and the arts. Through this, teachers will increase their performances at work, their professional skills and competences will be improved.


IncludArt will provide innovative digital tools (educational web radio + inclusive methodologies) to equip teachers with new artistic + digital skills to better engage with students at risk of exclusion and drop-out.

Music + art will be an integral part of the project and used as a source of inspiration to highlight success stories of famous (+ local) artists from disadvantaged groups.

It will respond to the needs of teachers to face new challenges in school education emerging from the pandemic.

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Students from secondary schools