Few words about the project

IncludeArt (2022-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000088779) is a two-year project that started in November 2022, and it’s funded by Erasmus+. The project aims to support students and teachers by finding more creative ways to teach and by developing more digital skills by using new creative tools. The project aims to support teachers, school leaders and others in the reaching fields to develop more creative and digital skills by using new creative tools such as web radio. The project activities are about social inclusion that focuses on religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, race, and ethnic origins as the main reasons for discrimination. Teachers have the task to build trust with their students and to help build trust among the students in the classroom. The project wants to improve the skills of teachers in the field of inclusion through an innovative methodology, based on the history of music & arts, highlighting integration and success stories of famous (and local) artists from disadvantaged groups. Schools participating in the project will be equipped with web radio + training in radio broadcasting to reinforce creative activities and promote social inclusion of students through creativity and the arts. Through this, teachers will increase their performances at work, and their professional skills and competencies will be improved.

Kick of Meeting in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

In March 2023, in the beautiful city of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria RADIO ECCA had the pleasure to host the first transnational partners meeting. This was a great opportunity for the partners to discuss extensively the next steps of the project. The first day started with a warm welcome from RADIO ECCA and was followed by the presentation of the partner institutions by their representatives followed by an in-depth introduction to the background and objectives of the project, along with the distribution of roles and responsibilities of each partner. Afterwards, Work Package 1 about Project Management was presented by RADIO ECCA. On the second day of the meeting, partners started early in the morning to discuss the rest of the work packages. PELICAN organization presented to the partners the WP2 – Stakeholders analysis, a success story collection and compendium specification. Next, FRAME organization presented WP3, the Design of learning modules, training delivery and assessment. WP4, the Development and application of the educational web radio was presented by Prism. Lastly, the WP5 which is about communication, dissemination and sustainability was presented by RESET. All partners discussed thoroughly each task that needs to be implemented and they set the next deadline for each activity. In October 2023, all partners will meet again in Palermo, Italy for an LTTA (Learning, teaching, training activity).  The meeting ended with a nice walk in the city of Las Palmas and lunch in a cozy traditional restaurant. This was an opportunity for the partners to relax and get to know each other even better. Everybody is very excited to be part of this project and they are looking forward to working together on this project!